Via Affirmativa

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“I love Via. To be stimulated by faith, beauty, and talent, such a variety of art, service, and special people in such surroundings. Wow!”

-James Fox (Actor, Film & Television)

Jame Fox(Image from Downton Abbey: Season 4)

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Via Affirmativa helps art makers and their communities to flourish through the deepening encounter with God that beauty reveals. We champion artists and art lovers whose faith engages their whole life, as artists, as friends, as followers of Jesus. New conversations reveal possibilities for collaboration, bringing into being fresh ideas, bold initiatives, and thriving local communities that increase social and spiritual capital. Via is not looking to build an organization. We are an open circle of friends empowering each other to live right where we are as citizens of Christ’s Kingdom. People everywhere are awakening to the presence of God through beauty.
Can you imagine beauty transforming you, your art, and your community? If this is a question that stirs you, come and contribute your imagination and story.

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To invite art makers to engage and create beauty for the sake of their world.