Via Affirmativa

“I love Via. To be stimulated by faith, beauty, and talent, such a variety of art, service, and special people in such surroundings. Wow!”

-James Fox (Actor, Film & Television)

Jame Fox(Image from Downton Abbey: Season 4)

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The passion which animates the Via Affirmativa movement is to help people encounter God in their lives through beauty. Via champions the creative initiatives of artists and art lovers whose faith engages their whole person and the whole world. We measure our impact through the birth of Via-inspired ideas, initiatives, and communities that may not have any formal connection to Via Affirmativa. We keep our network open to new people who feel they profit from being connected to us, participating in the new conversations that are our main channels of transformation.  A central question animates the Via movement: How is beauty transforming you and your community? If this is a question that moves you, come and contribute your soul and story.

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To invite art makers to engage and create beauty for the sake of their world.