Via Affirmativa Vision

Via Affirmativa is a relational network of art makers being transformed by the affirmation we receive from God and one another through beauty. All artists who are attentive to the big questions in life are welcome to join us in our journey of discovery. We connect painters, photographers, musicians, writers, actors, architects, film-makers, sculptors, poets, and dancers to one another, opening new pathways for flourishing lives and vibrant communities.

Via affirms art makers who practice an authentic faith that takes this world, its problems and its promise, seriously. Our faith is a rational and imaginative way of planting the future we long for, acting on what Jesus said about the Kingdom of God. We aspire to contribute to the recovery of the incarnational spirituality described and lived by Jesus in the Gospels, shaping not only our minds, but also our deepest longings.

We pursue artistic excellence in the name of service. Our aesthetic is inspired by our wonder at the diverse and elegant design present in nature and in people. Via facilitates friendships between artists that sustain dedication to our creative work, fostering continual growth towards maturity as artists and followers of Christ. Our artmaking is for us an essential expression of our love for creating, for God, and for people. Developing mastery of our craft is an act of discipleship. We are dynamically engaged with fellow artists and art lovers from all walks of life and world views.

We create safe places for dialogue where art makers can discuss the unique challenges they face, decreasing our isolation. Via helps believers live and work outside the walls of the religious sub-culture, living like Jesus did in the wider world.

In a mainstream culture where concepts of truth and goodness have become problematic for many, beauty stands as the last bridge to the transcendent. Through the senses, beauty is truth and goodness to the heart. It breaks us open without injuring us. With unrelenting gentleness beauty penetrates the core of our being, softening our hearts with its goodness and liberating our minds with its truth.

The spiritual journeys of many people, whether they are religious or not, are being enlivened by beauty with fresh words and images that open new possibilities for believing. Sometimes religion camouflages the fact that we are starved for spiritual reality. Beauty restores our connection with the sacred in the midst of our messy everyday lives.


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To invite art makers to engage and create beauty for the sake of their world.